How it Works

Accelerator Network converts Ethereum to Bitcoin offchain at high speeds using an Ethereum smart contract connected to the Bitcoin lightning network. This allows customers to make instant Bitcoin payments tustlessly for a fraction of the cost of onchain payments.

Monetary Policy

Accelerators monetary policy was encoded into its Ethereum smart contract back in 2017. A low supply and predictable inflationary control system negotiates between scarcity and incentive for token holding.

Accelerator’s monetary policy was designed to keep inflation strong ensuring a good reward for those who hold ACC tokens. The Ethereum Smart contract rules dictate that there will only be a max supply of 10 million ACC tokens. Inflation eventually will fall to zero once all Accelerator Tokens have been minted.


  • Name: Accelerator

  • Contract: 0x13f1b7fdfb6676d56483e21b1ecb40b58e2

  • Symbol: ACC

  • Decimals: 18

  • Standard: ERC20

  • Platform: Ethereum

  • Maximum Total Supply: 10,000,000 ACC

  • Initial Supply: 250,000 ACC

  • Distribution: Free Tokens

  • Minimum Coin Age: 3 Days

  • Maximum Coin Age: 90 Days

  • Internal Token Proof of Stake Annual Inflation

    • 1st Year Inflation: 300%

    • 2nd Year Inflation: 100%

    • 3rd Year Inflation: 50%

    • 4th - 20th+ Year Inflation: 10%

Where to Buy provides the first BTC pair for the Accelerator token. It is currently listed as “ACCL”. features low trading fees and an easy to use platform for trading many cryptocurrencies. provides both an ETH and BTC trading pair for the Accelerator Token.

BTC Trading Pair:

ETH Trading Pair:

ForkDelta, formerly know as Etherdelta was the first exchange to list the ACC token. ForkDelta is an Ethereum based decentralized exchange, meaning the exchange is ran by a single Ethereum smart contract. Forkdelta is the best way to trade Accelerator Tokens in a trustless way.

ETH Trading Pair:!/trade/ACC-ETH

Idex is also a decentralized exchange. It provides a relatively easy to use interface while still providing the benefits of a trustless exchange. Idex provides both a WBTC (Wrapped Bitcoin) and ETH pair for trading Accelerator tokens in a decentralized fashion.

ETH Trading Pair:

WBTC Trading Pair:


Staking is a simple process that can be performed every 3 to 90 days. Just send any amount of ACC (eg. 0.001 ACC) from the same Ethereum wallet address to the same Ethereum wallet address and your balance can grow up to 10% annually until the maximum total supply of 10 million tokens is reached.

Wallets (Browser)

MyEtherWallet is a browser based client-side Ethereum wallet. It allows you to generate wallets completely client side, use hardware wallets like Ledger or Trezor, and easily send and receive Accelerator Tokens. (Browser)

MyCrypto is also a browser based client-side Ethereum wallet. Send and receive Accelerator Tokens ensuring your private keys are kept safely stored on your browser. (Chrome Browser Extension)

Metamask creates endless possibilities within the Ethereum network by providing access to Dapps within your Chrome browser. Metamask can be used to provide extra security to the wallets listed above.