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We are Accelerator,

Our development focus is speeding up Bitcoin and creating the easiest way to make trustless payments on the Bitcoin Lightning Network.

On June 15th 2019, The Accelerator Community will swap the ACC token contract. The new contract will remove the Proof-of-Stake issuance model. If you currently have ACC tokens please make sure to move them into a non-exchange wallet address by June 15th 2019 so that you can collect your new post-swap ACC tokens.

We will work with our exchange providers after the swap is completed to resume trading of the updated token contract. If you have any questions regarding the token swap, please join the new Accelerator development forum where you can find more information.

The specifications of the new Accelerator Token contract are listed below.

Platform: Ethereum
Swap: 1 ACC to 100 ACC, 100x supply conversion.
Max Supply: Determined On June 15th 2019