A Mining Facility In The USA
Powered By Renewable Energy

Introducing the ACC Token

The world’s first proof-of-stake smart contract
backed by a physical mining facility.

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Our Vision

A 1/2 Megawatt Blockchain Processing Facility.


1/2 MW

Power Capacity


GPU Processors


Digital Assets


Mining Contracts

How it works

Accelerator Network earns ACC tokens to process compute orders.

50% Will Be Spent On Growth

This includes hardware, servers, land, and building space.

30% Will Be Spent on Daily Expenses and Labor Costs

This includes power, utilities, mortgages, labor costs, and all other unforeseen expenses.

10% Will Be Spent on The Development Team

In addition to the 20% stake allocated at launch, a 10% commission will be paid to the development team.

10% Will Be Spent on Marketing

Ad campaigns will be financed and a creative agency will be retained to boost awareness and brand image.


Phase One:
Free Airdrop

200k free Accelerator Tokens were airdropped to over 2,000 unique website visitors and affiliates. The airdrop completed on October 26th 2017.


The Accelerator Network prototype supercomputer launched after 12 months of research, construction and software development. Its first use case is mining Ethereum.

Phase Two:
Q4 2017 - Q3 2018

New job types will be added to the Accelerator Network. These jobs include mining: Monero, Zcash, Pascal, and Feathercoin.


The Accelerator Network datacenter size will be increased 30x to remove compute order limitations and lower per teraflop hour pricing.

Phase Three:
Estimated: Q4 of 2018
Next Steps

Let’s be honest, a 1/2MW facility is a huge accomplishment for a community of people to build. At this point the token holders will vote to approve another larger facility or stop growth and reduce compute pricing.

Current Compute Pricing

5 Teraflops
ACC Per Hour
25 Teraflops
ACC Per Hour
100 Teraflops
ACC Per Hour

Ethereum Compute Pricing
5 Teraflops

  • Ethereum Mining
  • @ ~14 MH/s
25 Teraflops

  • Ethereum Mining
  • @ ~70 MH/s
100 Teraflops

  • Ethereum Mining
  • @ ~280 MH/s

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